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Why we film with vintage cameras

We LOVE vintage cameras and we LOVE to film using super8 and 16mm film! It's rich in colour, romantically soft in focus and a little grainy, reflective of an era of innocence and adventure, where home cameras became accessible and loved up couples of the 1950s and 60s could film their holidays, their backyard parties and picnics with a handheld camera and a reel of Super 8 film. We just LOVE it!

Every reel of film is so unique! We love how it flickers and burns yellow and orange at the end of the reel. We love that every frame and every reel is a surprise - you never know what marks may appear on screen. You just can't create that magic and mystery digitally. We love that super 8 film has to be developed and keeps the process of film development alive. We love that every reel that's developed has unique colouration. It's all so exciting!

'Love in Super 8' - a compilation of some of our Super 8 footage.

We're so lucky to come from families who have passed down their Super 8 and 16mm cameras to us - the very cameras that filmed family weddings and retro road trips. We love that we get to continue tradition by using these same cameras at weddings today ♥ How special is that!

Kris filming with 'Bolly' at the beautiful Bendooley Estate, Berrima, Southern Highlands.

(We name all of our fabulous cameras! Bolly crossed the shores from Jes's family in South Africa)

Kris filming with 'Roger' on the South Coast

(Roger is Kris's Dad's old camera - he's travelled with us across the globe on many a holiday!)

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