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Jane & Kelso | Sydney Polo Club

Happy Anniversary to these two fabulous love birds! ♥

Jane and Kelso are two of our favourite people on this planet:

- Kelso shares Kris's love for chocolate milkshakes

- Jane shares Jes's love of the Beach Boys (well, specifically 'Kokomo')

- Their passion for life is contagious and they can rip up a dance floor like no other!

- They are truly two of the most genuine, caring and fun loving people you could ever hope to meet!

Jane's and Jes's mum went to university together in South Africa and have been the greatest of friends ever since. As both families travelled across the globe years apart, they have always kept in contact and caught up for summer lunches, Friday night roasts and Jane/Jes playdates (otherwise known as danceathons!)

Two years ago Jane and Kelso asked us whether we'd film their beautiful wedding. Kris and I both film makers, have an obsessive collection of vintage Super 8 and 16mm cameras which we'd always used to film our holidays with, and Jane and Kelso were excited to have their day captured both on digital and super 8 film.

It was the most incredible honour to capture these two love birds tying the knot! We couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces (and the tears from our eyes!) ♥ They were married in the beautiful grounds of Sydney Polo Club amongst family and friends from across the globe with a personalised ceremony that combined traditions from both of their backgrounds (there's nothing like a good breaking of the glass!)

The grounds were spectacular with so many beautiful barns and fields to explore, and of course.. horses! SO many beautiful horses willing to have a pat and sneaky feed. We had so much fun documenting Jane, Kelso and their bridal party as they celebrated with champagne and confetti! The celebrations continued well into the night with vintage cocktails, lawn games and a killer live band under the starry Sydney sky and with many an impromptu singalong. Check out their wedding highlights reel below as well as a snippet of Jane being spontaneously serenaded by Kelso, groomsmen and mates!

Happy Anniversary Jane & Kelso and thank you for starting us on this fabulous journey!

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